I w13325600_1106581919380638_6180523214555106607_nas born in 1977 in Vienna/Austria. I grew up in Graz/Austria where I went to school and university (university degree in education). I am currently also in training at the Austrian Sports Academy. The first level of this postgraduate course should be finished in fall 2017. At the moment I am living in Százhalombatta near Budapest. I started with sport (Judo) in the age of six. Later on during my youth I was also playing Football. I came to real endurance sport first during my time in the Austrian Army in 1998. Orienteering, Running and last but not least Triathlon where I was able to receive professional status. I retired from professional racing in October 2016. Over the last 10 years I was training in many different countries all over Europe, Australia, in the US and I saw and used many different styles of training methods in various contexts. Now I like to hand over my knowledge and experience to help others to reach their physical goals.

Trainings: cycling (on spinning bikes or turbos), core training for endurance athletes, personal trainings

Language of trainings: English, German